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Adopted Pets

adopted pets portlandThe Portland area has an amazing animal shelter and pet rescue community. At Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital, we applaud the good work these people do and encourage people seeking new pets to adopt. Our adopted pet discount policy is in place to ease the initial financial burden of adopting a pet and to provide the preventive care that is so important to the well being of our pets and their families.  We would like the opportunity to thank you for adopting a pet and to earn your trust. We want to be your veterinary hospital and to care for your newly adopted pet throughout its life. 

Adopted pet discount policy at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital:

  • Complimentary initial exam (within 6 months of adopting a new pet) and one complimentary re-check exam within 2 months of the initial exam if necessary.
  • A complimentary initial deworming medication (Pyrantel) is given at the time of the initial exam.
  • All vaccines given within 2 months of the initial exam are discounted 50%.
  • A heartworm test (dogs) or a FeLV/FIV combo test (cats) and a fecal test done within 2 months of the initial exam are discounted 50%.

To qualify for these discounts, records from the adoption agency are required at or before the time of the initial exam.

Local Rescue Groups

Animal Aid: website:

Another Chance Rescue: website:

Cascade Beagle Rescue: website:

Displaced Pets Rescue: website:

Fox Terrier Rescue - Rose City Fox Terrier Rescue Inc. (Portland, OR):

Oregon German Shepherd Rescue: website:

Golden Bond Golden Retriever Rescue of Oregon: website:

House of Dreams: Website:

Indigo Rescue: website:

Miniature Schnauzer Rescue: website:

Oregon Dachshund Rescue: website:

Oregon Basset Hound Rescue: website:

Oregon Dog Rescue: Website:

Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals: website:

Pacific Pug Rescue: Website:

Pixie Project: Website:

Second Chance Companions: Website:

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