Hi, I’m Dolly; a 9 year old Golden Retriever (mom says that really means “giant shedding machine”. What Ever!).

I started life as a cute “runt” of the litter. Mom picked me ‘cause I nestled into her when she held me. And, it’s true; I’m a lover, not a fighter. Unless you’re one of the neighborhood cats! Then, I’m all WWE on you! My favorite thing to do is napping. I do it 12-18 hours a day and I do it very, very well; in only the most comfortable places.

Like Mom’s favorite flower bed . . or under the bar stools . . . . Hey, food falls here all the time; my mother didn’t raise a fool!

My other favorite thing to do is riding in cars! Yes, I know, most of you are not fans of automobiles, but I love the feeling of movement. And watching places, people and things flying past me, I get all tingly just thinking about it. Whenever mom has the trunk of her automobile open, I hop in; don’t want her to leave without me!

About a year ago, my sister found a lump on my leg that had grown pretty large. Dr. Stuart said it was most likely some kind of cancer. Both Dr. Stuart and Dr. White did an amazing amount of research about the tumor and therapies. So, after a couple rounds of chemotherapy and various other meds (can you say extra treats!), we finally had to remove my right front leg. From the beginning, everyone at Cedar Mill, from the receptionist to Dr. Stuart and Dr. White took very, very good care of me. I enjoyed almost every visit there (could have been the treats mom gave me every time, who knows). Mom says that she will always recommend this clinic; that she is so please with how well everything has turned out and how well I’m doing.

It’s been ok. I’m getting around, getting lots of love (not many car rides though, I’ll have to chat with mom about that). Actually, life’s pretty good now; no more pain or feeling sick. I’ve been walking around the block and sun bathing, even chasing the neighborhood cats! So, until we ride again . . .

Dolly (aka Wonder Dog!)