Portland Pet Vaccinations: Essential Wellness Care for All Dogs and Cats

Portland pet vaccinations are an essential part of wellness care for dogs and cats of all ages, not just puppies and kittens. Pet vaccinations protect young puppies and kittens against highly contagious and deadly disease, including rabies. As pets grow, they still need regular boosters in order for their vaccinations to remain effective. Keeping your pet’s vaccinations up to date is a critical component of wellness pet care.

Pet Vaccinations in Portland Critical for Dog and Cat Health

Pets of all ages – not just puppies and kittens – are susceptible to highly contagious and deadly illnesses which makes receiving pet vaccinations in Portland an essential step in pet care. For example, pets can contract illnesses during a trip to the grooming salon, dog park or even an overnight visit to the dog kennel. Up-to-date vaccinations and booster shots protect pets from myriad illnesses, including kennel cough, parvo and distemper. Many of these illnesses do not have visible symptoms until several days after infection occurs.

Our veterinarian recommends all dogs and cats receive the core vaccination series. The core dog vaccination series includes the combined DHPP shot, which protects against distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvovirus. Dogs should also be vaccinated against rabies. In addition to this core vaccine, dogs may also benefit from supplementary immunizations depending on their wellness and lifestyle needs. For example, dogs that frequently are boarded or attend doggy daycare should be vaccinated against bordetella, which causes kennel cough.

Our animal hospital recommends core pet vaccinations for both indoor and outdoor cats. For cats, the feline core vaccination shot (FVRCP) protects feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia (feline distemper). Cats should also be vaccinated against rabies. Our veterinarian may recommend additional feline vaccines, such as FELV, which protects against feline leukemia. While feline leukemia is a rare disease, it is highly contagious and can easily be transferred between cats. Should one of your cats be diagnosed with feline leukemia, vaccinating your other cats is the best way to prevent transfer of this virus.

Portland dog and cat vaccinations are a safe and effective way to protect your pet against serious illnesses. Even with advances in veterinary care, treating illnesses such as parvo or distemper can still be costly and challenging. Pets diagnosed with these health conditions typically require advanced veterinary care, and may even need to be temporarily hospitalized for treatment. Unfortunately, depending on how ill your pet is at the time of diagnosis, even the most aggressive treatments are not always successful. Additionally, older dogs and cats may not be able to tolerate more aggressive treatments, and are thus at increased risk for complications or even death from these illnesses. Dog and cat vaccinations are the best way to keep your pet healthy and active throughout your pet’s life.

To learn more about dog and cat vaccinations in Portland, contact our veterinarian today.