Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital Provides Quality Care for Portland Pets

Whether you have a dog or cat, the veterinarians and team members at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital in Portland are equipped to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on providing quality care to all our patients. We focus on preventative care programs as well as promote vaccinations all while ensuring that when your pet falls ill we can restore them back to health as soon as possible.

Our Portland Animal Hospital Offers All Types of Veterinary Services

As a Portland pet owner, it’s important to become familiar with the various types of veterinary services we offer at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital. We are a Portland Animal hospital that works with dogs and cats. Our team members and doctors treat each pet patient and pet parent as if they were a part of their own family, allowing our hospital to be known for its personalized service and care. During our office hours, we are available during those difficult and stressful circumstances when you need treatment for your pet immediately.

Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital offers preventative care programs, all animals, whether young or old, should come in for regular wellness visits at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital. These visits allow the veterinarian to do a complete evaluation of your pet’s current health and help work to prevent diseases from beginning or spreading quickly.

If your dog or cat seems to be under the weather, you can bring them to our Portland animal hospital in order for them to be diagnosed and treated by our caring veterinarians. We work to provide your pet with the medications it needs in order for it to feel healthy, strong and energized again while also giving you comprehensive information about the illness to help educate you about its origins, symptoms and side effects.

Just like humans, dogs and cats need to take care of their teeth and gums in order to stay healthy. Dental treatments are available at our facility that will not only give your dog or cat fresh breath but also help prevent future illnesses.

Our skilled veterinarians can perform a wide variety of pet surgery procedures including spays and neuters. If your pet requires a surgery, set up a consultation appointment at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital to find out more information. We also offer emergency surgery procedures when necessary during the hours of our operation.

The team at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital recommends that all pets receive their necessary vaccinations on a regular basis. We believe that pets should start receiving their shots as soon as they are puppies and kittens, and should continue to get the vaccinations they need throughout adulthood. This helps to protect the individual pet as well as other animals in the area.