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Veterinary Dermatologist in Portland, OR

At Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians diagnose allergies in pets and work with you to create a treatment plan. 

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Pet Allergies 

Do you have an itchy pet? If so, it could be due to allergies. 

Atopic Dermatitis (Atopy) is an immune-mediated skin disease that is attributed to a hyperactive immune system that responds to inhaled allergens. Under this scenario, inhaled allergens (most often molds and plant pollens) trigger an “itch response” in your pet.

At our hospital, we can perform the appropriate diagnostic tests to diagnose your pet and rule out any other conditions.

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Allergies & Ear Infections 

Did you know that pet allergies are often linked to painful and recurring ear infections in pets? 

For more information about how to care for your pet's ears and spot signs of infections early, check out our blog here:

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Treating Pet Allergies in Portland

Typically, the treatment of allergies will start with a strict diet trial to rule out any allergens that may be found in your pet's food. 

Oftentimes, however, this is not enough to control the itch cycle. For complex cases of ear and skin problems, we refer our patients to Dr. Jon Plant,  a world-recognized veterinary dermatologist, who developed “RESPIT” (Regionally-Specific Immunotherapy), which is a revolutionary approach to treating atopy. 

Treatment of atopy is a long-term commitment.  The reward is in providing for a more comfortable pet and a better quality of life for both of you. 

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