Our Portland veterinarians dedicate their services and care to help your pets maintain healthy lives. Our mission is to have “Reverence for life,” a phrase that was voiced by and exemplified the life and philosophy of Dr. Albert Schweitzer.  We do this in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with mutual respect for you, our patients and amongst our team.

Comprehensive Treatment Ranging from Preventative Medicine to Senior Care

Preventative Care:

We recommend bringing your pet in for regular examinations and immunizations as needed. While here, we can discuss an individualized wellness plan for your pet which usually includes parasite prevention, immunizations and diagnostics tailored to your pet’s needs.

Wellness Plans:

In the course of an office visit and after the physical exam, our doctors will discuss a pet wellness plan that is best suited to your pet’s needs.  We do not believe in, nor offer, prepaid “wellness packages.” You and your pet are individuals and are treated as such by our hospital team.


We offer exceptional pet dental care.  Maintaining good oral health will lead to an overall improvement in your pet’s general health and longevity.  Another important aspect in pet dental care is helping pets to lead a better quality of life, as many dental problems can be quite painful.

Each pet is given a dental exam involving the inspection of the gums and teeth for pain, inflammation, swelling and decay. We teach pet owners how to identify problems and how to provide proper home care.  Our team is trained to offer comprehensive dental services that are above and beyond that which is found in many general veterinary practices.


Our new x-ray machine is human quality and veterinary certified.  Images can be stored digitally and sent electronically for review by a board certified radiologist when needed. We have an ultrasound machine that can “look” into the chest and abdominal cavities to evaluate the heart, great vessels, lymph nodes, liver, spleen, pancreas, intestines, adrenal glands, kidneys and bladder (and whatever else might be in there…)  Biopsies can be taken when indicated.

Pain Management:

Your pet’s comfort is our top concern. Whether it is alleviating the day-to-day discomfort from arthritis, or preventing pain from surgical procedures, we dedicate ourselves to learning and practicing state of the art of pet pain management. Our pain management protocol in combination with the use of the safest anesthetic agents available assures that your pet is getting the highest quality of care.

Pain management protocols include safe general anesthetic agents, epidural and brachial regional anesthesia, nerve blocks, topical and local anesthetics, oral medications and laser therapy. We have the capability to help your pet cope with acute and chronic pain, so please speak to one of our veterinarians about which type of pain management is appropriate for your pet.

We offer cold laser therapy as part of our pain management services. Cold laser has been shown to be beneficial for the management of pain as for its ability to accelerate tissue healing.

In-house laboratory diagnostics:

Blood Chemistry Analyzer: Our Heska Dri-Chem 4000 Blood Chemistry Analyzer can run a comprehensive chemistry panel with 0.5 ml of serum in about 10 minutes. We can also run a diagnostic test for pancreatitis, a common disease of dogs.

Cytology Studies: Cells taken from a tissue sample can be placed on a microscope slide, stained and screened by our doctors to determine whether or not these samples contain cells which need to be reviewed by a pathologist.

Additional tests that can be run in our hospital’s clinical lab:  Heartworm testing, feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) testing, urinalyses, fecal floats and smears, white blood counts, serum total protein, red blood cell concentrations and fungal cultures.


When pet surgery is necessary, our doctors are experienced in both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, as well as routine spay and neuter procedures.  All surgery patients are offered pain management before, during and after surgery that rivals the care given for many human procedures.

We routinely perform pet tumor removals, abdominal exploratory surgeries to remove ingested foreign bodies, oral surgeries and many other procedures. Our facilities include an ultra-modern surgical suite with human hospital surgical lighting and a complete array of anesthetic machines and patient monitoring equipment. We have oxygen supplied directly to our surgery recovery ICU units. These recovery areas are equipped with specialized warming pads and soft fleece blankets to maintain warmth and comfort.

Orthopedic Surgery:

We offer surgical services that encompass fracture repair and corrective surgery for joint problems. Knee (stifle) injuries are common orthopedic problems for dogs. The most common injury is a ruptured cranial (anterior) cruciate ligament (CrCl). A ruptured cranial cruciate ligament results in joint instability, lameness, arthritis and pain. A torn meniscus is a common complication of a ruptured CrCL. This orthopedic problem is best treated with corrective surgery.

Dr. White is a Slocum trained certified TPLO surgeon and the TPLO surgery is offered at our hospital. Dr. White also offers a unique, patented “Isometric Living Graft” (ILG) surgery that is less invasive and effectively stabilizes the cranial cruciate ligament deficient knee (stifle) joint.  This surgery is offered for patients whose owners do not wish to have a TPLO surgery for their dog. Dr. White has been performing this surgery since 1991 and received a USPTO patent in 2011 for this unique surgical technique and for the referencing instrument used to determine isometric graft attachment points.

Following surgery, we may recommend therapeutic laser treatments to help by reducing swelling, inflammation and pain management while promoting healing.

Portland Pet Boarding:

You may want to take advantage of our Portland pet boarding services following an operation or while you are out of town. We keep pets safe by only accepting vaccinated dogs and cats into our pet boarding facilities that are sterilized, parasite-free patients of our animal hospital. Heated and cooled kennel floors make pet boarding at our animal hospital especially comfortable for your pet. We also have a grassy area where dogs can run and play at least three times per day, and the cats in our boarding facilities are exposed to plenty of natural light.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Portland veterinarian whose goal is to meet the needs of your pets and provide the care you are seeking.