The Value of Pet Boarding with Our Portland Veterinarian

Dog or cat boarding with our Portland veterinarian is the best choice you can make for your pet’s care while you are out of town. When you choose to take advantage of our pet boarding facilities during your trip, you can enjoy your time away in the knowledge that your pet is safe and well looked after.

Cat and Dog Boarding Benefits for Your Pet’s Well-Being

Cat and dog boarding with our Portland veterinarian ensures that your cat or dog will be happy, comfortable and safe while you are away. While many people might be inclined to bring their pets along on holiday and vacation trips, but if you are planning more than a brief road trip, you should consider pet boarding instead.

Traveling long distances with your pets can cause undue stress and expose them to dangerous conditions. A dog or cat placed in the cargo hold of an airplane could be exposed to temperature extremes or left on the tarmac for long periods without access to clean water. Not to mention, your dog or cat will suffer the anxiety and stress of flight.

Long road trips are also stressful on animals, and could present special challenges. Pets that may be overwhelmed with the stress of travel can escape from their owners and get lost far from home. Car sickness and distress are also likely.

When you choose dog or cat boarding with our Portland veterinarian, you spare your pet the anxiety and stress they could suffer during long-haul travel. You also protect him from the risks associated with temperature extremes, escaping far from home, and being at the mercy of airline employees who may not value him as much as you do.

Dog and cat boarding is also preferable to leaving your pet home alone. A neighbor or friend might be able to check on and feed your pet while you are away, but being left alone, even for a short time, could cause feelings of anxiety, confusion and distress in your pet, who is accustomed to your regular companionship. When you choose cat or dog boarding with us, your cat or dog will have the companionship, interaction, entertainment and affection he needs to feel happy and secure, even if your return is delayed.

Of course, when you leave your pet at our Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital pet boarding facility, you can rest in the certainty that he will not be able to escape and get lost, which is a risk of leaving him with a pet sitter or at home alone. Neither will you have to worry about your pet damaging your furniture and belongings out of anxiety.

If your pet is on a special diet or has medical concerns, than leaving him our cat and dog boarding facility is ideal. He will get the veterinary supervision and care he needs from trained professionals, even in the case of an emergency. Any specific needs your pet requires, speak with our veterinarian so we can accommodate you.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (503) 644-3101.