Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital Offers Pet Surgery Options for Portland Animals

At Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital, we offer Portland pet owners the pet surgery services that they need in order for their animals to live full, healthy lives. Whether you need elective dog and cat surgery such as, spay or neuter, or your animal requires emergency pet surgery, our veterinary doctors are available to provide your pet with the care it needs during this pivotal time. Our surgeons use their skill, precision and knowledge to provide you and your pet with impeccable results, and you can rest easy knowing your pet is being cared for by our staff as if it were our own.

Types of Dog and Cat Surgery Procedures available at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital in Portland

At some point in your pet’s life, there is a chance it will need to have surgery done for one reason or another. Elective surgery procedures, such as spay or neuter procedure, is often done early in a pet’s life. On the other hand, orthopedic surgery and surgical operations designed to address illnesses and mobility may not be required until the pet’s senior years. The veterinarians at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital in Portland are highly-skilled and can perform most┬átypes of pet surgery procedures, including emergency pet surgery.

Spay or neuter operations are the surgical procedure designed to sterilize animals. This operation is recommended by our veterinarians for all pet owners who do not plan to responsibly breed their animals, as it keeps your pet healthy while also controlling the animal population. Spay is performed on female pets, and removes all of the reproductive organs in the animal. It eliminates heat cycles and prevents the pet from becoming pregnant. The neutering operation is performed on male cats and dogs, and involves the removal of the testicles. This prevents the dog or cat from being able to reproduce as well as it reduces the animal’s desire to mark its territory. Several factors are involved in determining the appropriate age to neuter or spay your pet, and our veterinarians at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital take the time to discuss what is best for each individual pet.

Our veterinarians also perform orthopedic surgery procedures on dogs and cats at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital. Portland animals that are having difficulty with their joints, bones or spine may require surgery in order to fix the issue. Sometimes these surgical procedures are required because of an injury. Many of these orthopedic surgery procedures can be completed using minimally-invasive techniques, and we work with local board-certified veterinary surgeons to be able to offer this service for our clients. The veterinarians at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital work closely with Portland animal rehabilitation specialists to ensure your pet lives a healthy, full life after its operation.

In addition to spay and neuter surgery procedures and orthopedic procedures, we also offer emergency pet surgery services for pet’s that need immediate, unscheduled operations. For more information on our surgical procedures and your pet’s health, contact us today.