Welcome to Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital, office of Portland veterinarians, Dr. White, Dr. Bailey and Dr. Stuart. We are an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association, and our highly trained staff is committed to the needs of every pet that visits our office. At our Portland animal hospital, we believe that dogs and cats need the same total body health care that humans do, which is why we offer more than basic health exams and pet vaccinations.

Our Portland veterinarian services start with preventive care. We recommend bringing a healthy pet in for annual check-ups and immunizations, as well as making use of our flea control and heartworm preventative medicines. We also offer pet dental care, which is an important aspect of a dog and cat health. Pet dental care involves inspecting the gums and teeth for pain, inflammation, swelling and decay. We teach pet owners how to identify problems at home and how to provide proper care in between office visits.

Therapeutic Laser Treatments Focus on Your Pet’s Health and Comfort

Sometimes, dogs and cats experience pain, whether due to injury, a surgical procedure or orthopedic problems. We offer multiple pain management treatments and therapies. Like humans, pets have pressure points throughout the body that connect to the nervous system.

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to determine whether your pet’s pain is the result of a serious health complication. If pet surgery is necessary, each veterinarian in our office is experienced in both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, as well as routine spay and neuter procedures. Our facilities include an expanded surgical suite with surgical lighting and comprehensive patient monitoring. Following surgery, we may recommend therapeutic laser treatments to help your pet make a faster recovery. Therapeutic laser treatments are useful in reducing swelling, inflammation and fluid build-up.

You may want to take advantage of our pet boarding services following an operation or while you are out of town. We keep pets safe by only accepting vaccinated dogs and cats into our pet boarding facilities that are sterilized, parasite-free patients of our animal hospital. Heated and cooled kennel floors make pet boarding at our animal hospital especially comfortable for your pet. We also have a grassy area where dogs can run and play at least three times per day, and the cats in our boarding facilities are exposed to plenty of natural light.

If you are in need of a Portland veterinarian who can provide your pet with comprehensive health care, contact us for an appointment today. We look forward to meeting you and your pet soon.