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Benefits of Boarding Pets

Benefits of Boarding Pets

Leaving your pet can be a stressful situation, but sometimes it needs to be done. Our Portland vets can explain the boarding process and why it can be beneficial to board your pet.

Boarding Your Pet

Sometimes it is ill-advised to take your pet with you. Taking your pet with you on voyages can be challenging. Finding accommodation that allows for pets can be difficult. There is the fear of getting separated from your pet and them getting lost in a faraway place with no way to get home. We will not say which airline but some of them have a track record of killing, injuring, or straight-up losing pets traveling with them.

Your workplace may not accept non-service animals and your pet may need someone to look after them if you are gone for a long portion of the day.

If your pet has a medical condition or has recently come out of surgery you may not wish to leave them alone so you can monitor their health.

This is where pet boarding facilities can be a good option. These days your dog can have fun socializing and playing while you're away, and your cat can have a relaxing vacation in a clean, fresh-smelling facility complete with plenty of love and attention.

The options for boarding pets range from spa-like facilities that pamper pets and doggie summer camps to medical boarding for animals that require extra attention. Of course prices for these different levels of care also range from affordable to extravagant.

If you are trying to decide which boarding facility to take your beloved pet to, be sure to check out a few different places in your area to find a facility that suits the needs of your pet and your pocketbook.

Facility Features

Price is often a good indicator of the level of service provided at a given boarding facility. Chances are good that if your dog or cat will be treated to luxurious hotel-like spaces with comfy sofas to lounge on and a tv to watch, you're going to pay more than you would to board your pet at a standard facility with roomy crates and fenced dog runs. 

If you want your cat to be treated to some serious pampering while they are away, you can find specialized cat boarding facilities with features such as cat gyms filled with feline-friendly toys,  platforms to jump up onto, and posts to scratch.

Looking for some outdoor adventure for your dog? Treat your canine companion to a fun camp experience while you're away. Dog camps across the country offer loads of time for your dog to play outdoors, as well as added facilities for swimming and socializing with other dogs.

That said, it's important to remember that fancy facility features don't necessarily add up to better care for your pet.

Choosing The Level of Service That's Right for Your Animal

The level of service you choose for your pet will also be reflected in the price. For most pets, a well-run standard facility is a good option.  If you are considering a standard facility here is what you can expect.

Standard Care for Dogs at Most Pet Boarding Facilities Includes:

  • A clean, roomy kennel for your dog to sleep in if it is an overnight facility
  • Exercise time outdoors before breakfast
  • Breakfast served in the kennel
  • Out of kennel playtime in the middle of the day to allow your buddy to burn some energy
  • Dinner served in the kennel
  • Evening bathroom break

Standard Care for Cats at Most Pet Boarding Facilities Includes:

  • A clean private crate with plenty of room to move and space for the litter box
  • Frequent visits by staff to ensure that the litter box is clean and that your cat has a good supply of food and water
  • Clean bedding so your feline friend can relax comfortably and watch the world go by

Some of The Pros & Cons of Pet Boarding


Pet boarding provides your pet with a standardized daily routine that includes meal times and exercise times on a regular schedule. Boarding also allows pets to socialize with other animals. If your dog or cat has a medical issue that requires medications or treatments, facilities with onsite vets and a team of veterinary professionals may be right for your pet while you're away.


Being away from home can be hard for some pets. In some cases, dogs and cats can become nervous or anxious in new environments which could lead to altercations with other animals at playtime. Pets in boarding facilities also face an increased risk of contracting contagious illnesses such as kennel cough in dogs or Feline Upper Respiratory Infection (colds) in cats so immunizations are essential when boarding your pet.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Looking for someone to care for your pet in Portland? Contact us right away to see if our boarding facilities are right for your furry companion.

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