Bubelah, our little Bubelah…

In Yiddish, Bubelah is the name you are called when you are little and your Jewish grandma comes to visit. Pinching your cheek, she calls you Bubelah. In English it translates to cutie pie, or something like that.

After losing our 19 year old cat Cassie, I told my husband that we needed a new dog. When our kids were little, we had a big black lab, Maggie, but now I wanted a little companion. For some reason, I knew it had to be a little white doggie. Whenever we took a long walk or take a run, if I saw a little white dog, I felt happy. I don’t know why, I just did. So after Cassie died, I went on a search for my new pet. Adam and I both believe in rescue pets; all our previous animals had been adopted from the Oregon Humane Society. However, after visiting there a few times, I didn’t find my soulmate dog.

I looked online and finally went to the Oregon Dog Rescue in Tualatin. Lots of dogs, including a few small ones. I saw two that I really liked, not white, but small and cute. The ODR requires that the spouse of the person adopting also comes to meet your new prospective pet. So the next day, on my second visit, Adam came to meet me there. One of the dogs I had considered adopting was playing with a cute little girl and her mom and dad. Obviously, this was to be her dog, not mine. The wonderful people at the shelter then brought out a dog that I hadn’t seen the previous day, as he had been at the vet when I was there. They brought out my Bubelah…white, fluffy and about 1 ½ to 2 years old. They said that his name was Trevor! Trevor? What kind of name is that for this little cutie,? I knew his name was Bubelah, and he was to be my new life companion!

Bubelah has been the greatest little guy imaginable. He was a rescue from central California somewhere. (He hated the rain, and to get him to go outside to do his “business,” we had to pick him up and carry him. He now goes out but still hates the rain!) When we got him, was totally trained, never once had an accident in the house nor did he eat our slippers. At first he wouldn’t go up or down stairs and HATED elevators. He just wanted to cuddle. A lot…

Since then, we discovered that he loves long walks, hiking, and running anywhere, but especially on the beach. (Doesn’t this sound like a Willamette Week ad?) He has gotten totally filthy dirty when we have taken him into the woods. Dog Mountain in the spring was so funny when he became a little black dog…covered with mud from head to toe!

Unfortunately, the vets in the Cedar Mills Veterinary clinic found that he came from California to Oregon with a heartworm. Common in California but uncommon here. We tried treating him with oral medication for a year but discovered that didn’t take care of the problem. Heartworm is very serious, and dogs with advanced cases will die. I couldn’t bear losing my Bubelah. So this month, March, we went to plan B, giving him a series of serious and painful injections. After a number of very painful days, Bubelah is slowly getting better. Now we have to wait a number of months before he can be retested to see if the heartworm is gone. Fingers crossed that he will be around for many years to come.

Bubelah has become a big part of our family. Our grown children love him to pieces, and he loves them in return. I say that he is my rescue dog. Not only did we rescue him, but he rescued us. Giving us fun times and enjoyment every day. We also appreciate the good work that our great vets have done for us and Bubelah. Very happy that Dr. Bailey and the team discovered and treated what could have been a life-ending disease!

We love our Bubelah!

Marsha Spellman and Adam Haas
(Bubelah’s Owner)