We adopted Mira from the Oregon Humane Society when she was just two months old.  They told us she was the runt of the litter, found near some train tracks, and she was adorable.  We have had several cats over the years, but never one that was all that into food.  With previous cats, we’d leave a self-dispensing food dish out and they would eat when they felt like it, which worked just fine.  Mira was different.  She would just keep eating and eating like it was the first meal she had in days.

We soon noticed that our little girl was getting tubby.  She wasn’t as spry and playful as she was when we got her.  When we took her in to Cedar Mill Vet, she weighed over 12 pounds… too much for a one year old cat.  She needed to be closer to 10 pounds.  She was so obsessed with food, we weren’t quite sure what to do, to keep her from crying for it all of the time.

Dr. Bailey had us feed Mira less, and more times a day… that way, she wouldn’t be starving before the next meal. We also made a point to play with her more.  It worked!  After just six months, Mira lost her big tummy and she’s now at 10 pounds.  She’s playing a lot more now and feeling a lot better overall.  She loves to mess with the dog and they chase each other around the house.

Thanks to Dr. Bailey and the staff for helping us get our cat back to her goal weight!