We’re delighted to see our Maya featured as the Pet of the Month! She’s been coming to the clinic under the capable care of all three veterinarians and the amazing staff, since we adopted her four years ago. She came from the Oregon Humane Society, where she and I continue to give tours to kids and to teach them how to treat animals well. When we tell people we found Maya her forever home – that she was at the shelter – they inevitably say, “someone gave up THIS dog?!” We get it. She’s the most mellow, friendly, cuddle-insistent and loving dog you could imagine (unless you happen to be a squirrel). The best way I can put it is that Maya is simply part of our family. She’s a once-in-a-lifetime pooch. Maya turned 7 years old on March 25, but last spring, our amazing, affectionate, loving Golden Retriever was stricken with a stubborn form of cancer, one we continue to fight. Dr. Stuart first noticed the suspicious mass on Maya’s rump, and recommended our amazing oncologist (cancer specialist), Dr. Christie Anderson at VCA in Clackamas. Since the diagnosis, Maya has had two surgeries, spent three and a half weeks at the Washington State University veterinary teaching hospital getting radiation therapy, and had two courses of chemotherapy. It’s all taken a lot of energy – and yes, a lot of money. But we see it as money well spent.

We want our two year-old, Addison, to grow up with memories of our incredible Maya, whom she loves dearly. We want to know that we did everything we could for Maya to keep her healthy and comfortable. We had wonderful friends, family, and even people we’ve never met help us with contributions towards Maya’s treatment. We are so thankful. Our ongoing pledge is to do our best to further goodwill, to make a difference for people and animals, to make positive vibes contagious…to pay it forward financially and otherwise in whatever facets of life where we can contribute. Maya continues to get regular checkups at both Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital and with her cancer docs. The latest is the best news we can hope for: so far, no recurrence of this aggressive form of cancer. Through it all, Maya has remained her normal self, still has her zest for life and food, her tail always wagging, no squirrel (real or stuffed) safe! Maya’s story will be one of many tales (tails?) of her loving nature, her enthusiasm for runs and snuggles (and have I mentioned for squirrels), and of her top-notch care in the hands of Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital. Thanks for reading about our furry friend, and thanks to all the Cedar Mill staff for their continued excellence.

Mark, Ivy, and Addison (Maya’s owners)