Hi! My name is Suzy, and I am going to be turning 10 years old this coming June! I have spent my earlier years working as a duck and goose retriever at a duck club on Sauvie Island when I wasn’t home with my family. Now I am retired, and enjoying life with my mom! I love to meet new people, so they can pet me and enjoy me—I love going for rides, especially to those places with the drive-up windows that magically dispense treats for me! I also really love riding in our new “used” VW convertible – maybe you’ve seen me around Cedar Mill on a sunny day!

I had a surgery on my right rear leg when I was only 2 years old—but Dr. White fixed me up so I am still able to run around without any problem, even in my “mature” years! I love to run on the beach!

My mom has made me a bit of celebrity on Facebook, and lots of her friends are anxious to see what get-up I’ll be wearing next—I sure don’t mind dressing up in this and that, because there is always a yum yum waiting at the end of the “photo shoot”…. in fact, when she says the word “PICTURE!!”, I am at-the-ready to sit still and pose, in whatever get-up is necessary. I will share some of my modeling shots with you!

I love the Oregon Ducks! 🙂

Sometimes a disguise is in order….

Merry Christmas!

I do even pretend to fly my kennel pad around the living room!

I have a lot of fun and love all people – especially kids! I really love our new grandbaby, who is now a year old! And she loves me very much, is always wanting to share her toys with me! I am always very gentle with her! I find it is always best to greet each day with a smile, and enjoy everyone I meet!

Thanks for reading my story, now it’s time to head off to dreamland! Maybe another run on the beach!