I’m Ozzie. Do you want to go for a run or play Frisbee???? I do.

So I’m 12 years old although if you met me you’d think I’m 3. I’m always busy. I have my parents and 2 kids and 2 cats to keep track of. I’m in charge of checking out the house and yard for new stuff and letting my parents know if something is out of line or wrong with kids/cats. I have other jobs too and I love to go for a run and make sure my neighborhood is how I left it. If you live in Cedar Mill you’ve probably seen me out sometime with either my Mom or Dad. We get around.

When I was a puppy I was wild. I had so much energy that it was hard to listen and I just needed to go crazy every now and then. So my Dad and Mom took me to agility courses and I learned really fast. I also turned out to be a really good Frisbee dog as well. I know 3 languages and a bunch of tricks (my favorite is playing dead after being shot). I love kids and other animals and consider myself a friendly and super happy dog.

Lately I had a bump in my road of life. I found out that I have a nasal tumor so I had to get some radiation treatments to slow the growth. They weren’t so bad. I just remember going every day and falling asleep and after I woke up I got a treat. And then one day about ½ way through the treatments a big, loose dog came on my property and bit me hard on the face fracturing my jaw and crushing my cheekbone. It hurt, I admit, but I shook it off and finished my radiation as planned.

Today I’m feeling better than ever and enjoying every moment. I really like this dry fall weather we’re having as I can kick a bunch of leaves around without needing to wipe my paws. If I see you out let me know if you want to play.

Thank you to Dr. White, Dr. Bailey and the loving staff at Cedar Mill Vet for all the love, attention and doggie treats I receive when I visit. You all know how much I love to visit with you.